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About Us

I have always had the philosophy that life is an adventure, and I wanted to experience as much as life had to offer. When an opportunity came along, I jumped at the chance to spend a number of years in New York working at Gilla Roos modeling agency as a model. During that time I had countless companies ask me to be the face of their beauty, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical products: Revlon, Juvaderm, Retstalayne, Boby Brown, Oil of Olay, Viagra, Levitra, AARP, LOREAL, and Shishedo.

After this experience I decided that I wanted a product that would give me actual results that all of these “name brand” products claimed to give. This decision lead me to create Raziehs Skin Care and Cosmetics. I knew the importance of antioxidants and the healing powers associated with them as well as plant extracts and natural oils. Completely staying away from chemicals, fragrances, and dyes, other than those derived naturally. As I started experimenting with these antioxidant rich organic ingredients I noticed healing reparative properties. I used the hand cream on my hands, feet, and body. I noticed a rejuvenating and glowing quality to my skin, I also enjoyed the suppleness it created. Within a matter of weeks I realized: a decrease of wrinkles, a diminishing of a recent scar on my body from surgery, age spots on my hands, and minimizing cellulite on my legs and bottom. My husband, a neonatologist and pediatric Cardiologist had sores and scabs on his hands from constantly washing. He finally found a product that would heal his hands. That product was Raziehs. He loved the fact that he could use the product at work but not have his hands laden with a greasy feel.

My mind immediately started to think of creating something for my face. I wanted to use the same natural derivatives, but tweak them for the delicate features of the face and eye area. I started using the newly found cream on my face and threw out all of my old products. I noticed the same healing qualities on my hands and body, but now on my face. I had a glow to my skin that I had not had for close to a decade. People started asking me if I had “had work” done on my face, implying that I had some plastic surgery procedure performed on me. I decided to give it out to family and close friends to see if they would have similar results. My daughter had patches of eczema on her face, it healed that. My grandson had severe acne, it cleared his face. My older friends noticed their wrinkles were diminished and no longer needed Botox. They were going crazy over it and asking for more. I invite you to make a change.

Lovingly yours,

Gina Monibi