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Product Instructions

Prepare to lather yourself in a skin care obsession with our complete line of skin care products. You no longer need day cream, night cream, eye cream, lip cream; the list goes on and on. With our simple solution to younger looking skin you can do it all with these five products.


1 - Cleanse face and neck twice daily with Flawless Cleanser to remove make-up and dirt from face. Can also be used to shave legs, under arms, and bikini line for a silky smooth finish.


2 - Use Enchanted Mask twice a week as a mask or scrub on face or body and feet to slough away dead skin cells and give your skin an enchanted glow.


3 - Use our Radiating Serum twice daily after using the Flawless Cleanser or Enchanted Mask to nourish your skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants, all soaking your skin with these healthy, organic ingredients to fight against free radicals and rejuvenate skin cells.


4 - Slather the Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream all over your face and body throughout the day as needed, especially after using the Flawless Cleanser in the morning or before bed. Swim in its luxurious mixture of supple, organic, and vitamin rich ingredients. It will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized for hours without that sticky or greasy feeling.


5 - Age 30-40 use twice weekly in place of Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream in the evening. Age 50+ use nightly in place of Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream in the evening.